Investing together effectively for a better world

The Wealtheon Foundation believes in the butterfly effect: small changes can, in time, have a major impact on society. In other words, every well-considered deed matters. That is why we contribute, on behalf of our donors and also in our own capacity, to special projects and good causes which can be seen to make a difference. Together, we invest directly in building a better world.

For many years, Wealtheon Asset Management has donated to good causes and projects in a specific manner and following a specific philosophy.

Besides providing financial support for good causes, we also try to increase general awareness. We do this because we believe that investing together in building a better world brings rewards for all parties.

To increase our impact and bring structure to the process of selecting and monitoring projects, our contributions are combined with those of our donors in the Wealtheon Foundation. This allows other philanthropists to benefit from Wealtheon's experience and expertise.

Meet the board members

Mark Eyskens
Mikkel Hofstee
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Paul Maselis
Sarah Moortgat
Vincent Vanasch200x222
Vincent Vanascht
Kathelijn Zwart
Victor Zwart