About the Foundation

Your partner in the world of philanthropy

The Wealtheon Foundation is a committed, expert partner. The foundation:
- aims to have a greater impact by combining contributions and developing lasting relationships with good causes
- offers a structured donation option and regularly evaluates its selected good causes
- is specialised in identifying, supporting and fulfilling the philanthropic goals of donors
- has highly respected partners in the fields of law and finance
- endeavours to make the best possible use of donations and handles all administrative aspects

Meet the board members

The Wealtheon Foundation is backed by people with a great deal of experience in the political,business and charitable fields. Each of them has their own philanthropic motivations, ideas and experiences.

Mark Eyskens
Mikkel Hofstee
Paul Maselis200x222BW
Paul Maselis
Sarah Moortgat
Vincent Vanasch200x222
Vincent Vanasch
Kathelijn Zwart
Victor Zwart