Wealtheon 6 themes

The six themes of the Foundation Wealtheon

Rather than focusing on a single project, the Wealtheon Foundation has made a conscious decision to offer structural financial support to a number of good causes. We invest in reputable institutions with a long history and in relatively new projects at both a national and an international level. The starting point for our selection is formed by our six themes, as listed below:

1 Children and education

We believe that good education lays the foundations for social progress, creating a world where everyone can make the most of their talents. We therefore invest in education for children to help them develop and build a better future for all of us. Wealtheon supports projects such as the Barodia school project, which provides education to underprivileged children in the village of Barodia in India. Priority is given to girls and 'untouchables'. Wealtheon has been involved in the project since its launch in 2007. Currently, the project provides food and tuition to over 150 children on a daily basis. These children also learn how to work with technology.

2 Research

Investing in a better future also means investing in research and innovation in areas such as food, energy and healthcare. This is essential if we are to deal with the challenges of our time.
Wealtheon donates to Diabetes Onderzoek Nederland (DON), a foundation that focuses on fundamental research into a cure for diabetes type 1. We also support the Jules Bordet Institute, a renowned Belgian cancer research centre that is highly dependent on private funding for its development.

3 Sustainable development

Sustainable development is crucial for securing the future of the economy and society. We have a major responsibility to the generations that will follow us: social and economic progress must not be at the expense of the world we live in.
One of the organisations we support in this focus area is ODDY-C, which was set up in 2011 and focuses on sustainable development in northern Burundi. ODDY-C invests in the installation of water pipes, in lifestyle improvements and in partnerships with schools in southern Burundi.

4 Art and culture

We believe that the presence of art and culture is essential for innovation and growth. The organisations we support in this focus area include Musica Mundi, which organises an annual course and festival for talented international young musicians between the ages of 10 and 18.
Young musicians are given the opportunity to perform and learn from eminent international interpreters of chamber music. Wealtheon also supports the Queen Elisabeth Competition and the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, two of the world's most renowned institutions. Both organisations seek to develop talented musicians and at the same time make classical music accessible to everyone.

5 Humanitarian aid

Armed conflicts and natural disasters in all their forms are constant subjects of media reports. Helping the victims is essential in our view. Wealtheon donates to organisations including Human Rights Watch, which began in 1978 and is now a leading, highly effective, international human rights institute.
Human Rights Watch conducts rigorous investigations in war zones and in areas where economic, social or cultural abuses have been reported. Based on these investigations, it compiles accurate, factual reports that are confronting and incriminating for the governments of those regions. Recommendations for new laws or changes in internal policy are made directly to these governments, often with the assistance of media organisations such as CNN.

6 Nature

Investing in nature means more than simply investing in green spaces and the environment. The natural world is of great value to the economy and is crucial in terms of health.
The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) is one of the world's largest nature conservation funds. It works around the world to fight climate change, make food sustainable, promote water stewardship, and protect forests (including tropical rainforests), oceans, flora and fauna.